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Our Pledge to Our Veterans

They will receive the full benefits, support, care, and recognition they earned through their service and sacrifice for themselves and the people they care for.
America’s veterans are a symbol of our country’s great strength as well as its best character. We want veterans who have given our country their best to receive the best our country can give.

We are building our new product VetApprove which will be offered for FREE to all Veterans as a way of showing our thanks, but we need your help.

VetApprove delivers a simple accurate and complete solution for ALL Veterans. Our focus: solving major life events by getting the right data securely with the right form to the right place at the right time.

Where We Can Help Veterans Where We Can Help Veterans

The VetApprove solution allows veterans to manage complex life events involving data, documents and administrative bureaucracy hassle-free. These events may include eligibility for

  • Health Benefits
  • Educational Benefits
  • State Employment
  • State Compensation/Pension
  • Disability Benefits
  • Extended Care
  • Home Improvement
  • State Grant
  • State Home Program for Veteran Care Medical Certification
  • Cemetery Services

Defense Healthcare

How It Works for Veterans How It Works for Veterans

VetAppove creates and presents a simple and complete series of statements and questions, regarding any complex administrative life event, such as “benefits eligibility”, “employment”, or “retirement” that a veteran needs to answer to receive benefits tied to the event.

VetApprove automatically fills in all statements and questions with the data each verteran’s organization currently has on file and allows the veteran to confirm, change or add information. The VetApprove solution then reacts intelligently to this input by using imbedded decision logic, to ask only the necessary event questions and gather only the necessary data the event requires.

VetApprove then determines and presents all the required documents needed for the veteran and completes the forms automatically with the veteran’s data (just like TurboTax). With a touch of a button, the veteran can securely save and print all the documents required to receive care or benefits, simply, accurately and completely.

How it Helps How it Helps

VetApprove is a NO-COST package of simple, intelligent and self-guided questions and steps to make it easier and faster for veterans to complete the requirements to get the care they deserve.

The major benefit is the reduction in human frustration, event processing time, administrative data management cost and the reduction of paper for both the veteran and the government. Care and benefits are provided and required forms are processed simply, accurately and completely.

Veterans get the care they have earned and providers can save time and money in providing them with greater accuracy and certainty.

Honoring Our Veterans


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